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Aug. 19th, 2014 05:28 pm

I’m still depressed, but how depressed I am varies, which is good.
Much of the time, it’s a comfortable numbness
that just makes things feel muted.
Other times, I’m standing in the shower or something
and I can feel the nothingness hurtling toward me
at eight thousand miles per hour
and there’s nothing I can really do aside from
let it happen and wait until it goes away again.

Allie Brosh, Hyperbole and a Half


Jul. 7th, 2014 12:18 pm
just some random fanart i've come across that is insanely gorgeous :)

click for large!

zayn malik
by goldminegoldmine on deviantART

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Jun. 28th, 2014 10:12 pm

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Jun. 9th, 2014 04:25 pm

What band has made the biggest impact in your life, and why?
This is a tough question, but I'd say blink-182 or My Chemical Romance. blink got me into poppunk, which bridged the way to punk-a genre that has impacted my life greatly. MCR is just that band that you get into and never stop loving. The hiatus was terrible, but I understand that after so many years, individually, the members needed to move on from MCR. A lot of the songs I could relate to, which I think is why a lot of people say one band or another struck them so hard. For me, I got into them when I was younger, 14 or 15, and just starting high school. I was alone, I was miserable. I struggled with many issues and this band seemed to pour out similar emotions. It helped. McFly as well. I've been a fan since day one, or around there-I got into them, again at 14, when 5 Colours in her Hair was being aired on every music video channel. I fell hard for their quirky poppy lyrics but found so much more. 5 Colours doesn't make you think 'serious band' but this band truly is capable. Again, so many songs I could relate to. Just a great band, still sticking with them, forever not getting over hhow grown up they are now (and the fact that Dougie pretty much grew up with the band and the boys). 

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Jun. 9th, 2014 04:15 pm


 and i got scared          
can't seem to find it either here or there          
did i lose my rhythm now          
am i lost? am i found?      


Jun. 9th, 2014 04:12 pm
all time high at an all time low
crashing crashing crashing
as i float up and up and up
gravity can't catch me now
crashing down again


Jun. 8th, 2014 08:35 pm

frail nerves can bend the strongest of spines
and strong words can break a person in two



Jun. 8th, 2014 03:32 pm
depression is an invisible anchor
tied tight around your waist (lungs)
dragging you underwater
everyone else floating above oblivious to the suffering fool
drowning yet still alive
breathing underwater never seemed so scary before


Jun. 8th, 2014 03:21 pm

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Jun. 7th, 2014 10:27 am
peuf 20140607 29 1 (1)

5 seconds of summer; aka pop punk is making a comeback and these four aussie lads are at the forefront and it is fucking beautiful


Jun. 5th, 2014 04:52 pm


May. 19th, 2014 03:57 pm
the depression was back, full throttle at times but still controllable.
it was just back and this underlying lingering presence.
that strange crackling noise you hear when walking through the streets at night but every time you look there's nothing there.
but then you let your guard down one night because you think "ha, it's just nothing, silly, remember?"
and then there's this shadow looming over you as you stoop down to tie your shoelaces
but before you can turn to look or utter a word the shadow dances and grows
and suddenly there's this overwhelming numbing pain with blackness infringing on the edges threatening to pull you under.
you regret letting your guard down now because you were right to be a paranoid bastard
and you should never have let yourself be less cautious when you were so sure that something bad was coming.
too fucking late.
the shadow is completely covering you now and painpainpain is everywhere.
and when it ends you just feel so empty and tired and angry and stupid and and and.
you spend the next four days two weeks lying in bed feeling absolutely nothing and everything all at once.
the darkness won and you lost.
life goes on but you can't find the energy inside to get up and move along with it.


Apr. 8th, 2014 03:14 pm


Apr. 2nd, 2014 11:38 pm
i'm scared to get close and i hate being alone
i long for that feeling to not feel at all
the higher i get the lower i'll sink

i can't drown my demons
they know how to swim
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